“Be the Change

you wish to see

in the World.”





3GS (Gifts and Goals for Guatemala) was started as a charity event for Founder Trish Barillas birthday party to help out a school in need last February 2016. When Trish received so many offers to help support Guatemala's areas of need she realized that the best way to take in donations was to start an official non-for profit Charity which has now become 3GS.

That first unofficial event was held at Modell's Sporting Goods store where Trish along with her friends bought soccer equipment for a school located in Chiquimulilla, Guatemala. The average salary in this area is approximately $300.00 per month and that is on the high scale. Most families in this area do not have clean living environments, the normal size of a household is between 5 - 10. Marriage happens quite early in life anywhere between 18 - 21 yrs old, minimum of 4 children to as many as 12 children. Electricity is expensive and not the norm for most families, they live in concrete cylinder blocks with steel sheets for roofing. Schools are overcrowded and they have very little to no funding for things other than the bare necessities.         

3GS was started amongst friends to try to help support those areas of Guatemala in need of just the basics that make kids feel like kids. 3GS researches the rural areas to see where help could be used in villages and school systems. The Board then decides the best way to use the funds whether to help build a church / school or provide equipment for children where there is a lack of finance and support.